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Dentist Medford ORPeople from southern Oregon are used to being told, “you need to go to Portland to get that kind of service.” This may be true for many things, but not for advanced reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry. At Eagle Point Dental, you have a world-class dentist who is prepared to provide for all your dental needs with the highest caliber of training and skills, and the passion to deliver to every patient the best possible treatment for his or her individual needs.

Dr. Keith Ogawa is a Fellow of the Las Vegas Institute’s Center for Advanced Dentistry, and he brings the Institute’s philosophy of “nothing less than the best,” to you – his friends and neighbors in southern Oregon and northern California. For 13 years, he has been helping people find relief from functional and cosmetic defects in their teeth. Through neuromuscular dentistry, he has helped thousands of people find relief from headaches, backaches, and a number of other chronic conditions that other doctors have been unable to treat.

At Eagle Point Dental, the passion for and commitment to excellence in dentistry doesn’t stop with the dentist. The entire staff is dedicated to the same high standard of excellence, and many of them have also received advanced dental training through LVI. From the moment you enter the practice, it’s ensured that you get the best treatment available.

We invite you to schedule a consultation with Eagle Point Dental Center for Advanced Dentistry. Contact us today.

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